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Top 5 Marketing Flyers for a Seller’s Agent

Here are our top 5 flyers that are customized for Realtors in their Listing Process ~ specially for Seller’s Agents! Personalized, unique, and modern flyer designs that stands out among the rest and are also budget friendly. Take a look and let us know your thoughts! If you have any feedback, feel free to submit Contact Us form or email us at info@247101.com

1. Just Listed Property Flyer (SKU: BF0701)

  1. This flyer is perfect for agents wanting to showcase right amount of property photos and texts. Use this flyer for any property coming on market for sale, or rent.
  2. You can also add bullet points featuring your property amenities under the “About Our Property” section.
  3. The most important and quick overview section of the flyer is “Property Overview”. You are able to showcase bedrooms, bathrooms, garages, year built, square footage, and entire section of quick upgrades that were done on the property.
  4. As always, agent information and brokerage information is included. You can choose the Equal Housing, or Realtor logos to have them on your flyers or not.
  5. Keep in mind that all the brokerage have also their own rules of what must be on all the marketing material besides the state laws.
Fairfax Realty - Brochures - Flyer

2. Home For Sale or Rent – Property Flyer (SKU: BF1101)

  1. Beautiful layout with the main property image at the top and three most important features of your home. Usually most important rooms to showcase are kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathrooms, and any additional upgrades as well.
  2. As always your phone number needs to stand out on your flyers for buyers, agents, and renters! So, the phone number is bigger on this flyer design, with of course all the agent and brokerage information.
Fairfax Realty - Brochures - Flyer

3. Home For Sale – Property Flyer (SKU: BF0801)

  1. Another one of the beautiful layout of a flyer to use during your “Home For Sale” period of your listing.
  2. Make sure to have one of these flyers in your listed properties to impress your buyers. This specific layout allows you to have favorite property features and images on the main page. Also, this flyer allows you to have key features and property overview texts for those “readers” :)
  3. Agent information and brokerage information is also included on the bottom part of the flyer.
Fairfax Realty - Brochures - Flyer

4. Home For Sale – Property Flyer (SKU: BF1001)

  1. Modern layout with lots of property details, so if you have lots of beautifully renovated features, you’re able to input all those features in those spaces at the top of the flyer. Similarly you should have modern layout for your website design.
  2. Facts and Features is a crucial section for any property, because buyers usually take a glimpse of the flyer hence don’t end up reading a lot.
  3. Large and elegant image of the listed property with two smaller square for additional images featuring that property.
  4. Agent profile photo, contact information, brokerage logo, and all the legal requirements.
Fairfax Realty - Brochures - Flyer

5. Just Listed or Just Sold – Property Flyer (SKU: BF1201)

  1. Feel free to use this flyer as “Just Listed” property flyer during your active listing duration, or “Just Sold” mailers once your listed property is sold.
  2. Vibrant colors to attract buyers’ eyes. Keeping your “Just Listed” big and bold to showcase your property.
  3. Property description, and six gorgeous property features are at the bottom of the flyer giving audience that necessary info.
Fairfax Realty - Brochures - Flyer


We hope you enjoyed all the flyer designs and when realtors should use each one for their listings! If you have questions about any of the designs above, or would like the designers to help you get your flyers ready for your listing, feel free to reach out to the team by emailing at info@247101.com.

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